Our full service facility has allowed us to greatly expand our service area. Since 1901, Robert J. Reid & Sons has endeavoured to be known as the Premier Funeral Service provider.  We are always looking ahead to ensure that we are providing the services the community and our families are requesting.  This is true for families and individuals who are seeking full traditional funeral services or those who are seeking simpler arrangements involving immediate cremation or burial and are not concerned about the location of our facilities, as they do not require them. 

In addition, our up-front, honest approach provides consumers in this area with a selection of practical and affordably priced quality funeral products.

While these selections are available to the families we serve, naturally they are available to any family should they wish to purchase them. These selections can be either delivered to the the funeral home of your choice or to an alternate location within a few hours, with no delivery charges. In the case of cremation urns and register book stationary, they can be delivered the same way or can be picked up at the funeral home at any time. 



10 kms

Battersea 25 kms
Wolfe Island 5 kms Bath 30 kms
Sydenham 30 kms Odessa 20 kms
Joyceville 15kms Napanee 45 kms

* All distances are approximated from our location.