The funeral is an important opportunity to pay tribute to someone you loved. It is a time for relatives and friends to gather to tell stories, share memories, acknowledge your loss and support one another. We are open-minded in providing a more personal arrangement to suit your needs and reflect the life of your loved one.

While retaining the feel of a 19th-century family home, Robert J. Reid & Sons premises have undergone extensive renovations and expansions over the years, constantly enhancing the services offered. A non-denominational chapel built in 1953 seats approximately 200 people, parking facilities have been expanded and, with advances in technology - the introduction of computers, modems, fax machines and now the Internet - the ability to provide information and services has improved significantly.

Interior renovations and decorating projects throughout the home have created a sensitive, calming atmosphere. Walls are in pastel colors and furnishings are elegant but comfortable. A collection of Canadian landscape paintings graces the large, post-funeral reception room. The Family Room offers kitchenette facilities with hostesses available to serve light refreshments following the funeral.

The funeral, the social sharing which takes place when there is a public funeral with ceremony, has been recognized as one of the ways to facilitate the resolution of grief. Robert J. Reid & Sons encourages families to personalize their funeral services in a way that is both meaningful and therapeutic to them.  We've worked hard to make the surroundings as comforting as possible, for you during this difficult time.