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1. What do funeral directors do?
2. What is the purpose of a funeral?
3. Can a funeral or service be held anywhere?
4. Why are the cost of funerals so high?
5. Can I choose to have a viewing or a service?
6. Can I personalize the funeral service?

Question #1What do funeral directors do?
Answer:A funeral director does the embalming and restorative work until final disposition. They are continually caring for families at time of need. They help the family proceed by arranging events to help finalize the funeral. They are the owners of the establishment in which ever funeral home you choose.

Question #2What is the purpose of a funeral?
Answer:The funeral is a time for all families and friends to get together and share any thoughts or reminisce about the deceased. It can be very supportive to the those who are grieving.

A funeral is a celebration of the deceased's life and accomplishments. It is also a time to say goodbye, which gives some closure to family and friends.

Question #3Can a funeral or service be held anywhere?
Answer:Yes. It is the families choice where they would like to hold a service. It is what we call meaningful services, which the funeral director can help you with.

Question #4Why are the cost of funerals so high?
Answer:There are many different types of funerals which the prices vary. Funerals don't have to be as high as most people assume them to be. You can discuss your budget with the funeral director.

Question #5Can I choose to have a viewing or a service?
Answer:Yes. It is whatever the family feels comfortable with. The director will help with times and make it public in newspapers that the services will be private.

Question #6Can I personalize the funeral service?
Answer:Yes. It helps by the family and friends bringing in personalized items. They will then be placed near the casket.